Why Immediately Seeking Legal Advice for Semi-Truck Accidents Is Crucial

sj5Big rig, open road, the destination in mind. As ideal of a situation that may seem, it rarely is the case, and most truckers run into unforeseen circumstances on the road. In 2012, over three thousand semi-trucks were involved in fatal accidents. Most of these accidents resulted in plenty of devastation, but never in consequences for the guilty parties. Often times, trucking companies hold the majority of the responsibility for these accidents, but never assume that responsibility when prompted by the law. Vast causes result in these accidents, and most of the responsibility deserves to be placed on trucking companies.

Fatigued Drivers

Trucking companies emphasize the importance of meeting deadlines. However, they often have zero regards for the necessary means to meet these deadlines. Truckers are legally allowed to drive up to fourteen hours a day, but any longer than that is strictly prohibited. In fact, federal regulators prefer them to drive no more than eleven hours a day. The added pressure from a trucker’s employee, though, results in a driver pushing the limit by driving through the night for over twenty-four hours at a time. Basically, you should never stop longer than the time necessary to use the bathroom or grab a bite to eat. Surely enough, this iron man mentality results in poor judgment, reaction times, and shoddy driving that causes devastating accidents.

Distracted Driving

The open road offers visually appealing elements that catch the eye of each passerby. Despite the fact that they are operating heavy vehicles with the inability to abruptly stop, truckers cannot resist certain sights. Additionally, being away from one’s family for prolonged periods of time results in frequent texting and phone calls–even while driving. Distracted driving is dangerous driving, no matter what.

Improper Maintenance and Loading Cargo

The strain put on these big rigs is a lot, so the maintenance needed to ensure they run smoothly is extensive but necessary. In an attempt to save costs and time, trucking companies will refuse this upkeep, ultimately resulting in an improperly working truck. Improperly loading cargo in a truck causes accidents as well, but this is often the case as companies attempt to save time by getting on the road quickly.

To finalize, negligence kills more people than anything else in the entire world. This greedy mentality demonstrated by trucking companies is devastating to the general public and requires skilled attorneys to fight against. Siegfried and Jensen is a law firm equipped with attorneys who can handle semi-truck accidents, and knows how to get the victims the justice they wholeheartedly deserve. If you or a loved one were involved in a semi-truck accident, it is crucial to seek legal advice immediately. Failure to do so puts strain on you, and allows these greedy companies to continue harming the public.

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