Reliant Energy

dceReliant Energy is a subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc based in Texas. It is a leading retail electric provider and serves at least two million subscribers in 16 states. It approximately provides 47,000 megawatts of power to businesses, government institutions, residential houses and manufacturing facilities. Reliant Energy was the first company to bring electricity to Houston, and since the deregulation legislation came into effect, Reliance Energy has been providing retail energy to Texas residents as well as business owners. As such, Reliant Energy has been working to provide economical supply rates as compared to rates of other providers.

Reliant Energy Service Area

Some of the common service areas that Reliant Energy has dominated include the following transmission and distribution service providers or TDSP: Oncor, AEP Texas North, CenterPoint Energy, Texas New Mexico Power, Sharyland Utilities and AEP Texas Central. It is important to note that once you select Reliant Energy as your energy provider, it is still the responsibility of TDSP to deliver this supply right to your home. This is because TDSP is responsible for delivering power either to residential or business empires in Texas. Should Reliant Energy rates meet your needs or budget, look no further. In case of electrical emergencies such as power outages, be sure to contact the TDSP because they are responsible for maintaining power lines and other electrical related issues other than energy production.

Why Reliant Energy

As a company, Reliant Energy does give its clients the privilege to choose where they would to get their energy supply. As such, if you live in the deregulated Texas area and seem to like lower rates from another energy supplier, feel free to engage that supplier. Nevertheless, Reliant Energy is of the opinion that once a client does research on, which energy supplier to choose from, it becomes easier for him to point out the best rates for his needs. It is also important to look for a green energy company.

It does not necessarily mean that you need to be a die hard environmentalist in order to reduce your carbon footprint. A good electricity provider should be able to offset your power usage whether it be for residential purposes or retail-oriented. Reliant Energy uses its resources properly to ensure the Power Max 12 plan pays a monthly fee of $14.95 if the customer does not exceed 1,000 kWh in a month. In case a client requires cancellation, Reliant Energy charges $175.

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